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At Take Off Go, we lift Africa’s veil of mystery and reveal a land of adventure.

Our custom travel itineraries expertly weave together excursions through a range of countries, allowing you to experience the hospitality, magic, and solitude of Africa. From the people and the scenery to the safaris and the beaches, the Africa you’ve dreamed of is closer than you think.

Take Off Go curates extraordinary experiences. Let us share our passion for travel with you by helping plan your own unique, once-in-a-lifetime journey through these wild, incredible lands.

We cannot speak highly enough of our South African trip organised by Take Off Go. The places we visited exceeded our expectations. The variety of venues and accommodation gave us a broad aspect of African life. A highlight? So many but the Blue Train was special. Ron Thorpe


Kenya is an extremely diverse country which straddles a number of different climate zones, contains a vast range of different landscapes and is home to an unusually broad range of cultures.

Cape Town

Arguably the most alluring and captivating city on the continent, if not in the world, Cape Town is somewhere which even the least urban visitors can enjoy.


Zanzibar Island is a beautiful tropical landmass covering 1,666 square kilometres and lying around 35 kilometres off the Indian Ocean coastline of Tanzania, just north of the capital and main port of entry Dar es Salaam.